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Home Staging Movers in Walnut Creek

Are you planning to sell or rent out your home? You can use a home staging mover to create an appealing experience that gives potential buyers a glimpse of what living in the house looks like. Our crew removes and movers  unnecessary items from the rooms, to create an appealing impression.


Trusted by our clients


Trusted by our clients


Trusted by our clients


Trusted by our clients

Our Home Staging Moving Services

We capture the attention of potential buyers and renters by emphasizing the practicality of your property’s space. We excel at showcasing the functionality of your space, ensuring a compelling first impression that resonates with discerning clients. With us, you can effortlessly sell or rent your property.

Staging Move Logistics

Whether you are looking to move your possessions into storage to create a clean canvas for showcasing your home or require seamless furniture transport for a property on the market, rest assured, we have got you covered. Optimize your logistics with our state-of-the-art equipment, seasoned handlers, local insights, and unwavering professionalism. We are swift, dependable, and efficient at transportation and furniture handling.

Furniture Set-up

furniture arrangement

The arrangement of furniture can make rooms look spacious or small. After removing unnecessary items from each room, we give you ideas to maximize the and make the rooms look more spacious. We are experts in spatial dynamics, have a keen eye for aesthetic harmony, and are committed to bringing out the best in your property by moving and removing unnecessary furniture or art from your property. 

Staging Storage Services

Do you need a temporary storage solution while showcasing your home in Walnut Creek? Look no further – we have got the ideal options for you. Our secure, temperature-regulated storage solutions provide flexible accessibility without compromising on safety. Whether decluttering, safeguarding personal effects, or securing valuables, entrust your storage needs to us while you focus on presenting a successful and visually stunning property.

Unwanted Items Removal

Recognizing the significance of lightening your load for staging and moving, we provide sustainable solutions that maintain the pristine condition of your property throughout the showcase period. From yard sales, donation initiatives, and eco-friendly disposal methods, we offer environmentally conscious solutions so you can positively contribute to the community and the environment. 

Why Do You Need Home Staging Movers in Walnut Creek?

In real estate, a property’s sale or rent potential depends on the first impressions it creates. Crafting the right vision, aesthetics, and mood in your property listing is the proverbial icing on the cake, ultimately sealing the deal – this is where we excel. You can rest easy knowing your staging concerns are in capable hands with us.

Excellent Spatial Solution

We excel in furniture arrangement, skillfully enhancing your space to create open, uncluttered rooms where items appear unsqueezed, with room for more.

Create a Picture-perfect Outlook

The images you share online determine whether potential buyers will visit your home or not. Home staging moving helps you create an appealing atmosphere for images.

Enhance Property Value

Our team considers angle, lighting, presentation, and every detail to strategically enhance your property value and capture your client's attention.

Maximize Space

A home staging mover enhances the size of your rooms by adjusting arrangements and decluttering. This not only makes the property feel more spacious but also allows potential buyers to visualize the full potential of each room.


Excellent4.7 Based on 50 reviews fromJennie YJennie Y ★★★★★ The movers that we worked with at Joshua's Moving were kind, efficient, speedy and careful! These are qualities that you want in movers and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. C. Joshua came over to assess our space and review furniture moving needs for free before we even signed a contract. They gave me a couple pricing options with different number of movers and in the end the total cost was very reasonable. As an added bonus, none of our items broke during the transition!Max A.Max A. ★★★★★ Responded rapidly - very professional conduct at both ends of move. Moved a large 500lb piano with no damage to piano or either house. Would definitely recommend.AmberAmber ★★★★★ I was planning to fly to California to help my daughter move out of her dorm room and into a storage unit, but she was able to leave a week early and needed help. I called a couple moving companies with good ratings on Google. Most of them were booked and unavailable last minute.Joshua's worked with me to schedule a time for their moving crew to help her move her stuff in between other moves.We did have a bit of a communication hiccup on the day of the move. We had a 1hr window when we expected the guys to show up, and they were going to call my daughter 20 min before they showed up. They were a bit late and nobody called until they arrived, but it worked out.It was pretty expensive (but on par with every other company I called). They charge a 3 hour minimum. It took them less than 2 hours to get all the stuff moved, so it was pretty expensive, but they did a really good job. They wrapped all of her valuables, and were careful with all of her things, and they treated my daughter with patience and professionalism.My daughter said it was so much easier and less stressful than when we do the move ourselves, so even though it was more expensive than me flying to California and renting a u-haul and doing it myself, I'll probably pay them to do it again in the fall.Christian S.Christian S. ★★★★★ Wow! They are the best moving company around!! They moved everything out my old apartment, transported it and moved everything into my new apartment in 45 minutes!! Not a single item was dirty or damaged.The crew came with 3 amazing guys! They were the kindest people you could have ever met, even smiling after carrying a mattress up a three story apartment building.1000% the best customer service I’ve ever experienced out of anytime I’ve been a customer somewhere!Plus, scheduling was a breeze. All I had to do was email with some dates and they booked me right away. Joshua has a super fast reply time to calls, emails and texts.It was expensive but SOOO worth it!!Stephanie C.Stephanie C. ★★★★★ I had Fernando, Simon and Carlos out to help me move. These guys are amazing. They worked non-stop and got everything out of my old house and into my new house quickly. It was worth every penny!Tania D.Tania D. ★★★★★ Joshua's team was so efficient, quick and attentive. My tenant was not only happy but relieved, Joshua was accommodating and will continue to make business with him and his team.:)f Af A ★★★★★ I had a great experience hiring Joshua’s moving company for moving items out of a storage unit into my home. Comancho and William were very professional and fast. They arrived a few minutes before our time started, were very careful with the items and meticulous about not hitting any corners or walls when they brought the items into the home. I would definitely hire them again.The company has a very fair policy of not rounding up time after the 2 hour minimum is met. They divide the hour into quarters and charge 1/4 of their hourly rate for each 15 minutes separately. My job took 3.5 hours. This way I only paid for exactly 3.5 hours of work.js_loader

Your Go-to Home Staging Movers in Walnut Creek

Do you want to increase the marketability of your property? Choose Joshua’s Moving for Walnut Creek staging moves and experience unparalleled furniture transportation and placement expertise. We transform spaces, ensuring each piece’s placement complements the next, maximizing visual impact. Our

Our home staging moving services will enhance the outlook or the spaces to impress potential buyers. You can get in touch with us at (925) 499-1760.